the summer heat with jennifer

this shoot is from august 12, 2014.

listen to: disparate youth by santigold and girl is on my mind by the black keys.

i've wanted to shoot jen for as long as i've known she existed and i was ecstatic when i got the chance.

it was one of the hottest days of the summer when we were shooting this but i'm happy with how the photos turned out. here are some of my favorites.

you can follow jen on instagram (@mrreeow). 

till next time!


reds and blues with jesse

this shoot is from december 11, 2014.

listen to : you're so dark by arctic monkeys and spellbound by siouxie and the banshees

this was my first time meeting jessie. he's got such a presence and we got along very well. i can't wait to work with him again.

we wandered around chinatown in the pouring rain and took some photos. here are some of my favorites.

i love love love him. you can follow him on instagram here and here.

till next time,


other lenses with zhamak

if you don't know zhamak i'm sorry to hear that because she's dope as heck and the sweetest little lady i've had the pleasure of coming across. a handful of months ago, we got together and i got in front of her camera for a change. now, i'm by no means a model and the only peoples camera i'm used to being in front of is my own and daniels, but this was fun. anyway you should keep an eye on this girl because she's up to some interesting shit.

you can check out zhamak's work here, on her website and here, on her blog.

here are some of my favorite shots.

pretty dope right? i'm stoked on these. hope you enjoyed them! now go tell zhamak how rad she is.

also, listen to miss you by the rolling stones.

whytecliff with jack

i went to whytecliff park with my friend jack over the weekend. it was nice and i wish i could paint you guys a picture of how this place makes me feel but i couldn't ever do it justice. you're just going to have to go and experience it for yourself. it's about a 25 minute drive out of downtown vancouver into west van and i would highly recommend it. 

also, i'm pretty bad at taking photos of nature type things and i always feel like a photo is better with a person in it so you're going to get glimpses of my favorite place but mostly pictures of jack. 


you can see some of jacks photos of the trip here, on his blog. jack and i went to lighthouse park as well but it wasn't that great also we were hungry as heck, so we went to lucy's (pictured above.) jack didn't like his face in this picture but i fixed it. 

anyway, the gorillaz are back and i'm beyond stoked. listen to rhinestone eyeskids with guns, and phoner to arizona.


happy monday and wishes of a prosperous week ahead for y'all.


the island with alison

i met up with alison in december and we headed down to granville island to take some photos.

here are some of my favorites.

we met a guy who let us shoot on the aqua bus. isn't that cool? (yes.) anyway alison is gorgeous but y'all already know that. i mean look at that hair! we got donuts after our shoot and it was great. 

so i've been listening to the latest by the kooks. check out bad habit, and always where i need to be, for nostalgias sake.

new year, no new friends

ok ok. so if your friends told you on new years eve that they'd be picking you up at 630am on new years day to watch the sun rise from stanley park, you'd take it as a bad joke and carry on with your night, right? i'm glad i didn't. 

here are some pix from our first sunrise of 2015 at stanley park with tenzin and coco.

(sponsor me north face)

im not really one to make new year's resolutions but this year i plan on taking more photos and that's it. i think i can do it.

here are some songs for you to enjoy:

clear skies by the strokes (best song they never released in my opinion.)

awake the unkind by unkle (i haven't heard this song in years and it came up on shuffle and i lost my shit.)

remain by jose gonzalez 


place to belong by little dragon


anyway i hope y'all have a prosperous new year.

my cemetery babes

I met jacky and lucy through patrick and i've been excited to shoot with the pair of them since. we got together just before halloween at the mountain view cemetery and took some photos.

here are some of my favorites.

aren't they gorgeous? 

i've had Dead by Young Fathers on repeat for weeks now. i have to admit, i had no idea who they were until they won the mercury prize and i was little butthurt that FKA Twigs didn't win but i gave em a listen and am in love. listen to paying and i've arrived (seriously. listen to this one.) 

anyway, i don't think i've actually shot anything at all this whole month so far but the next little while looks promising. i've got a post that i'm working on re: inspo and progress that y'all should keep an eye out for in the next little while.

till next time,


My Girl is Gold with Ines

i've had this photo idea playing around in my mind for a long while and i figured it was time to finally put it to use. i originally wanted to use gold paint but do you know how hard it is to come across gold body paint that doesnt look just yellow and sparkly? incredibly, if you're looking for it short notice, which i was since i'm impatient as heck. i thought about using gold leaf but i worried that it would look too much like this series of self portraits that i did last year but in the end i said fuck it and chose gold leaf instead. i'm really happy i did.

i met ines through mutual friends and was super eager to work with her because i mean come on. look at her. so when i put out a call for a model i couldn't be more happy when she responded. we met up on a saturday morning and shot.

here are some of my favorites.

i'm beyond stoked on how these turned out. isn't she gorgeous!

listen to: gold lion by the yeah yeah yeahs and golden age by tv on the radio. 

happy tuesday! 

Emilija and the Autumn

I met Emilija back in January when I shot for Charles & Grace. despite it being below freezing and us being windy beach side, the photos turned out great and you can see those here. 

anyway. Emilija and I met up the past friday and wandered around the end of hastings taking some photos. here are some of my favorites.

isn't she great? i'm in love with these shots.

i've been listening to You're Dead! by FlyLo allll day and i recommend that you check out this album sometime this weekend. he does not disappoint. check out Never Catch Me and Coronus, The Terminator. 


till next time,


Isla and the Last Light

over the weekend i was fortunate enough to meet up with one of my favorite people, isla, and take some photos. it was the last sunny day we had in vancouver before the never ending rain and i'm really really happy with how these turned out. you have no idea how hard it was to pick my favorites but here they are.

yeah. isla is my dream girl. follow her on instagram.



i shot danielle from lizbell agency a few weeks ago for cianda's styling project that i talked about in my second blog post. here are some of my favorite shots.

i'm pretty stoked on the way these turned out. 

BANKS came out with her album Goddess recently and you've gotta check out Stick. def a new favorite song.