My Girl is Gold with Ines

i've had this photo idea playing around in my mind for a long while and i figured it was time to finally put it to use. i originally wanted to use gold paint but do you know how hard it is to come across gold body paint that doesnt look just yellow and sparkly? incredibly, if you're looking for it short notice, which i was since i'm impatient as heck. i thought about using gold leaf but i worried that it would look too much like this series of self portraits that i did last year but in the end i said fuck it and chose gold leaf instead. i'm really happy i did.

i met ines through mutual friends and was super eager to work with her because i mean come on. look at her. so when i put out a call for a model i couldn't be more happy when she responded. we met up on a saturday morning and shot.

here are some of my favorites.

i'm beyond stoked on how these turned out. isn't she gorgeous!

listen to: gold lion by the yeah yeah yeahs and golden age by tv on the radio. 

happy tuesday!