unlike the others with patrick (part one: Emotive)

i love patrick with my whole heart and more. i've shot him three times so far and each time has been a total dream. patrick has a tendency of giving me exactly what i need from him without me even knowing that i needed it.

when pat and i met up this time, it was my first shoot in over a month. i was feeling uncreative and impatient with myself but as soon as i held up my camera, patrick gave me what are now some of my new favorite photos. 

we took so many though that i decided to break this shoot into three posts. this is the first. i will call it Emotive. also yes these are kind of dark and kind of emotional but patrick is such a warm star that his portrayal of emotion in these photographs are a testament to what a talented model he is.


i love him i really do.

here is one song for you to listen to: with teeth - nine inch nails.

stay tuned for parts two and three!