whytecliff with jack

i went to whytecliff park with my friend jack over the weekend. it was nice and i wish i could paint you guys a picture of how this place makes me feel but i couldn't ever do it justice. you're just going to have to go and experience it for yourself. it's about a 25 minute drive out of downtown vancouver into west van and i would highly recommend it. 

also, i'm pretty bad at taking photos of nature type things and i always feel like a photo is better with a person in it so you're going to get glimpses of my favorite place but mostly pictures of jack. 


you can see some of jacks photos of the trip here, on his blog. jack and i went to lighthouse park as well but it wasn't that great also we were hungry as heck, so we went to lucy's (pictured above.) jack didn't like his face in this picture but i fixed it. 

anyway, the gorillaz are back and i'm beyond stoked. listen to rhinestone eyeskids with guns, and phoner to arizona.


happy monday and wishes of a prosperous week ahead for y'all.