new year, no new friends

ok ok. so if your friends told you on new years eve that they'd be picking you up at 630am on new years day to watch the sun rise from stanley park, you'd take it as a bad joke and carry on with your night, right? i'm glad i didn't. 

here are some pix from our first sunrise of 2015 at stanley park with tenzin and coco.

(sponsor me north face)

im not really one to make new year's resolutions but this year i plan on taking more photos and that's it. i think i can do it.

here are some songs for you to enjoy:

clear skies by the strokes (best song they never released in my opinion.)

awake the unkind by unkle (i haven't heard this song in years and it came up on shuffle and i lost my shit.)

remain by jose gonzalez 


place to belong by little dragon


anyway i hope y'all have a prosperous new year.