new year, same me.

i think celebrating January first is stupid. i hate the traditions around it. i hate it all. i talked about that in my birthday post last year.

coco, tenzin, and i decided to watch the sun rise from stanely park. we did this last year as well. you can see those photos here. this was a great idea for two reasons: i have an excuse to not go out on new years eve and a fantastic photo op the next day. this was a bad idea for one reason: i was very much not ready to wake up at 6 in the morning. anyway.

as you see in the first set of photos, there wasn't much of a sunrise where we were. last year was fantastic. it was beautiful. every shade you thought a sunrise could be was what we saw. this year, it was a gradient of foggy gray. 

we eventually decided that we had exhausted opportunity for a decent photo, so we hopped in the car, ready to go get some breakfast. on our way out of stanley park we were finaly greeted by the sunrise we were waiting for. i won't say much else, but here are the photos from then.

we went to ihop after and it was awesome.

last year i said the only resolution type thing that i was hoping to achieve was to take more photos, and although it may not seem like i succeeded in that, i feel like a really did. this year i want to write more. here's to hoping. 

shout out to coco and tenzin for being the best sunrise crew. can't wait to see what we get up to next year.

till the next one,