a week in LA

listen to: so good by band of skulls and busy earnin' by jungle


i went to LA in february for my reading break and had a bad time. it wasn't LA though, it was me. I don't think i want to get into it right now but i took a fuckload of photos that i've been hoarding for the past couple of months. here are some of them. they were shot with either my pentax espio mini, nikon fg, canon 5d mii, a ricoh gr, or my iphone. 


on one of my first days there, i walked around downtown and ended up in chinatown. it was pretty cool, i guess. there's this burger place in there called burger lords. they had some pretty damn good burgers.


there was also a day where i went to a couple beaches. i started off in santa monica.

i ended that day at venice beach. abbot kinney is my fave.

a mardi gras parade with a marching band started up right as i got close to the boardwalk. the first few black and white photos are from that.

and of course i went to the observatory.


okay fine! i'll tell you why i didn't like LA. if you made it this far, i guess you deserve it. 

also, i'm aware that this post has a ridiculous amount of photos and every time, i tell myself that i'll only post a certain amount of photos, and that i'll curate it well, but here we are again. i digress.

one of the reasons i took so many photos was because i was alone most of the time i was there. i should have gotten a friend to go with me and i should have made more of an effort to spend time with people that were there but i guess i didn't and i had a bad time. in addition, i didn't have a vehicle which made getting everywhere i wanted to go in a day exhausting. to top it off, smack dab in the middle of my trip, my great aunt passed away and there was nothing more that i wanted than to go home. so why did i even go? i found a cheap plane ticket but the rest of my trip was expensive so that might be the last factor as to why i didn't enjoy my time in LA. if i could, would i take back the whole trip? yeah. i would. 


anyway i hope you liked the photos.