listen to: 5/4 by gorillaz and cactus by the pixies.

has there been a summer that your vast expectations have lived up to yet? you know what i'm talking about; you spend all winter and spring thinking about the Best Summer Ever and when it comes, most days are spent watching netflix and working 6 day weeks. that's what my summers are like, at least. i don't usually go anywhere or do anything grand and i have my reasons but a big part of has to do with the fact that i'm lazy. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing but honestly, some days, i just want more. 

at the beginning of every summer i tell myself that i'm going to go places, even if they're not far, and i'm going to take pictures, and i'm going to stop lying to my friends about the fact that i'm busy and have plans so i dont have to hang out with them, yet here i am, unchanged. 

am i planning on changing my ways? no, not really. not exactly. i know that i'm not going to make a whole effort to get out there and do things more than i would regularly, but i'm working on saying yes more.

anyway, so i met this guy riun, right, and on our first time hanging out, he asked me about a place i wanted to go. I said Yarrow. and he said, Let's go. 

Here are some pictures from our little day trip to yarrow and cultus lake.

this was a mix of some film, iphone, and dlsr pictures. riun's pretty cool. check him out on instagram: @riungarner.

till next time,