meet alison

listen to : the sea (night version) - mø  and let it happen - tame impala

this is alison. alison is jack's girlfriend. alison might be the coolest person i've met in a while. she studies studio arts in ontario, where she's from (i think she explained what studio art is to me when we were shooting but i still have no idea.) she's cool in the way that you know she's looking at things a little differently that you are and that, for me, is the most intriguing thing. i would highly recommend checking out her work here (website) and here (tumblr.)

she was in vancouver for the summer and i got to see her a few times and i kind of think she only agreed to let me shoot her because jack made her (just kidding) but nevertheless i'm really happy we got to. here are some of my favorite shots.


isn't she great? you should follow her on instagram too: @rumalow.


till next time,