hi! i'm reema!

anyone that knows me can attest to the statement that i'm always telling a story. sometimes i don't even end up finishing them but i'm always telling stories. for me, photography is just another way of doing that. and goodness, there's nothing i enjoy doing more. 


my story:


since i first picked up a camera at 14, my life has been lived looking through a viewfinder. i wouldn't have it any other way. i became obsessed with aesthetics at 16 after realizing that there is so much beauty out there and now everything i do is for the sake of bringing out the best. i like to write and read and watch films and i look at everything in frames. i'm also very enthusiastic about donuts and the early 2000's garage rock revival. i am based in metro vancouver.



let's make something beautiful together.

you've got your vision. you know that you want your images to look professional and feel colloquial. you're a stylist, a model, a business, or someone who just wants to make something gorgeous. hey, i'm here with you. i'm always up for collaborations and side projects as well so let's grab a coffee or a burrito and talk it out. 

get at me!

whether it's to talk business or just to say hi, you can contact me at reemarismail@gmail.com