reading list: i

i like books! i'm not going to try to dress this up with some typical bullshit about how books transcend time and how you should date a girl who reads or anything like that. i like a good story. i appreciate when words are put together wel. i like ideas. so i like books. anyway, this is what i'll be reading for the next little while.

JUST KIDS BY PATTI SMITH: an old favorite. i've had this book for years and have reread it numerous times and would absolutely recommend it to anyone. she's coming out with another book called M Train at the end of this year and i cannot wait.

THE IDIOT BY FYODOR DOSTOYEVSKY: this book has a special place in my heart. i've read notes from underground and have only actually made it half way through this one but i swear i'll finish it this time.

THE TAO OF WU BY RZA: wu tang is forever. i've had this book for a few years but have never actually made it through the whole thing yet. there's one page that says 'It's harder to make the glass than break it' and that's something that's always stuck with me.

THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER BY JUNOT DIAZ: okay this might be one of my favorite books of all time. i love short stories. i love the way diaz writes. i love everything about this book. i love reading it. it has so much sentimental value to me. if i ever am unsure about what book to bring with me, this is it.

DARK PLACES BY GILLIAN FLYNN: gone girl was dope. sharp objects was dope. i'm sure this will be dope too.

ONE MORE THING BY BJ NOVAK: my dear friend jackie got this for me! i'm already half way through and i love it with my whole heart. again, more short stories but you won't find me complaining.



for the past few months i was crazy busy with school but luckily i got to read quite a handful of books.  this was my reading list as of january.

i read the first four and didn't get to the last three. the murakami book is short that i'll get to that very soon and i'm half way through the rum diary and damned so i'm sure i'll finish them eventually. here's an outline of the ones i read and some others:

THE SUN ALSO RISES BY HEMINGWAY: this is about a man with erectile dysfunction. would recommend.

THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO BY MARX AND ENGELS: my boys. ideas that are still relevant and it's a lot more thorough re: the build up to what communism could be than i thought. political text are always interesting.

NO ONE BELONGS HERE MORE THAN YOU BY MIRANDA JULY: short stories!!!! i love them!!!! i live moments displaced from time and july does it damn well.

SHARP OBJECTS BY GILLIAN FLYNN: it's weird reading a semi scary book because i didn't know literature could be this suspenseful. no i haven't read any king. good read. couldn't put it down.

other books i read:

WHITE NOISE BY DON DELILLO: hell yeah this was such a good book. it was written like 30 years ago and still is very relevant. cultural commentary is always very interesting. would recommend. it's funny.

THE CUSTOM OF A COUNTRY BY EDITH WHARTON: okay this book was actually hilarious. it was kind of hard to read because it was written a million years ago but the protagonist is basically a shallow status hungry jerk trying to make it in new york. still relevent eh? anyway there's this one point in the book where she's describing a dude that's hitting on her and she basically says that he looks like a pimpley frog and she's never been more repulsed by a person WHO SAYS THAT??? 

THE PRIVILEGES BY JONATHAN DEE: the first copy i had of this book i left on the bus and i never got it back :( i bought another copy because it was that good. the ending is actually really stupid but it's well written and interesting. i don't know if i'd really recommend it though. 


anyway, that's all i've got for now. i swear the next time i do this it won't be as long.

get ready for another babe post in the next couple of days. 

till next time,